Freckles are *the* on-trend look right now. They give off a youthful, fresh and sun-kissed look. But what if you’re not genetically blessed with them? Don’t worry, Browjam has got you covered with our amazing new product FRECKIFIED! Our 1 universal shade formula lasts 24 hours on the skin, can be worn on bare skin […]

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Browjam Glasgow is now OPEN!

Launch day! Placed perfectly in Unbranded on Queen Street alongside Onyx, White Rabbit Healing and of course Blow, we opened the doors of Browjam Glasgow yesterday & it was amazing. Emily was holding down the fort and was fully booked, bringing unbelievable brows to Glasgow. Check out some of the amazing work that she produced […]

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Browjam Teams Up With Blow To Open Browjam Glasgow

This is no secret. The cat is definitely out of the bag with this one. We’ve been so excited that we’ve been shouting it on social media already, and the media have caught wind of it as well. Browjam Glasgow is coming! Working with Blow in their new “Unbranded” space on Queen Street, we are […]

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