Little Evan Growing Fast in Microblading World!

Hello, all you lovely people!

We are delighted to announce that our beautiful and talented Evan has successfully completed her microblading training with our very own Browjam Academy and can, as of now, offer microblading appointments 🙌🙌🙌

As you can see, she’s already absolutely smashing it!

Every once in a while an outstanding talent bursts onto the scene, we have been lucky enough to witness this within our team a good few times over the years. So, when Evan completed her initial Beginner’s Brow Grooming & TVT Brow Lamination Training, we knew instantly she was one of those special talents. We moved fast to offer her the opportunity to become part of the BrowJam Team and we were delighted when she jumped at the chance to join us.

The thing is though, talent only takes us so far when it comes to being a great success in the brow business or in any profession for that matter. We need to work our asses off with a great “can do” attitude, always be open to learning, improving and growing. But, also love what you do, bring amazing energy & enthusiasm to the table, while connecting beautifully with our clients.

Evan brings all of this and more in abundance.

We are mega proud and excited that she is now flying into the Microblading world!

Evan will of course still be offering appointments for all other treatments including the TVT she is so well known for.

You can book in with Evan for microblading by calling the salon on 01382 200700 (Tue – Saturday, 1000 – 1700), or any other appointments by clicking here.

Love, Janine xxx

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