TVT Brow Lamination/perm

Many clients dream of fuller and fluffier brows but can’t achieve this due to the lack of hair growth and hair flow direction that falls flat or downward. Our TVT brow lamination treatment is designed to give THICKNESS, VOLUME & TEXTURE to the brows giving your clients the brows they desire by following a crafty step by step process.

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How does it work?

This treatment will always start with an in depth consultation, here we will get to know you, find out your likes, dislikes, character and style. We will then tell you the expected outcome before beginning based on your current brow growth and condition.

  • Step 1 Disruption of the natural hair flow. (Breaking down the disulphate bond in the hair) using our very own brand of lifting creme.
  • Step 2 Reform the hair into their new shape (building the disulphate bonds back) using our very own brand of neutralising cream. Making the brows appear thicker.
  • Step 3 Volumise the brow with a custom tint blend. (Not always necessary)
  • Step 4 Brow map out the perfect shape to suit your face.
  • Step 5 Precise waxing methods, threading, tweezing and trimming is done to sculpt out the shape. (Not always necessary if you want a more feathered undone brow line.
  • Step 6 Finishing techniques is done to bring the brows to catwalk perfection.
  • Step 7 Strategic aftercare and advice to get the best out of your TVT treatment.

What to expect straight after the procedure

Straight after the procedure a keratin based moisturiser is put on the brow and is very much a part of the process, it restores the hairs and keeps them healthy. It can look very enlarged with a shine and glossy look, some will love and some will hate. Don’t wash it off for 24 hours! After the 24 hour period brows will go into a settling phase where they will shrink back a bit and look fluffy and textured #youwilllove

Treatment times and pricing guides

The full TVT Brow treatment is a 45/60 minute appointment and is priced at £45 including our wax and tint treatment The Works. Results of this treatment can last on average 8-10 weeks, however we do recommend popping in 4 weeks after your first TVT treatment for a wax and tint using our method The Works. This will keep your brows looking fine until your next TVT Treatment. Patch test is a must for this treatment and is done face to face in the Browjam salon 48 hours prior to the treatment. No appointment is necessary just walk in and our brow bosses will assist you.

Who’s it not for

TVT brow Lamination isn’t for everyone unfortunately and results of the treatment may not work and vary depending on hormonal state ie pregnancy, imbalance, thyroid issues. Fine to thick hair is good for lamination but super fine or brittle hair is a contraindication for it sadly.

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