TVT brow lamination

1-day masterclass

This one-day Brow Lamination masterclass is specially designed for students who have taken our Beginner’s Brow Grooming course or completed a brow grooming course elsewhere to learn the basic knowledge of waxing, tinting and shaping the brow.

On this course, we aim to take artists to the next level with this highly skilled and well sought after technique. Using a clever step by step chemical process to alter the direction of the natural hair flow taking brow hairs to their thickest, volumised and textured state giving clients the fluffiest brows they can only dream of.

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Our goal in this masterclass is for students to be confident in using our very own brand of lamination products to create and design the perfect hair flow and direction to give clients the wow brow effect, and also make corrections to unruly dense shapeless brow hair. We then fine-tune students’ waxing and tinting skills, allowing them to craft and design the brows to suit the individual client once the lamination process is done. Students will be confident and leave excited to work in real-life scenarios and advance their brow services for clients. We want our students to learn multiple advanced techniques that will make them stand out from the rest of the industry.

We will cover

  • The TVT brow lamination treatment
  • Pricing, revenues and treatment times
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Product knowledge
  • Troubleshooting
  • Set-up/safety/sanitation
  • Identifying common irritations/infections
  • Consultation techniques
  • The process pre- and post-treatment
  • Live demos
  • Hands-on practical
  • How to capture quality brow photos
  • And much more…


Brow lamination has been forced upon artists by their clients as they are seeing the amazing before and afters of brows on social media and everywhere really. If you’re a brow artist and not offering brow lamination you will lose clients.

There are so many bad results out there as there is with any treatment. Our goal is to show different ways to do Brow Lamination so it can be tailored to the individual. This may be high fashion catwalk model style brows or a low key sleeker-looking brow or simply making a brow less dense or unruly for example male brows.

There are many effects that can be achieved with Brow Lamination so it’s our goal to teach you not to get caught up producing the same brows for every client but instead customising that brow to suit the client’s own personal style.

Brow Lamination is great for clients with brows of medium to thick density wanting to achieve a look almost similar to a microbladed brow or curly wavy shapeless brow hairs that need TLC.

The great thing about this is it’s a masterclass for artists, you can get to work using your skills straight away.


  • In-Depth Manual 
  • Interactive Activities
  • Learning Exercises 
  • Live Model Practice
  • Certificate (Upon Graduation)
  • Product Exclusives
  • Industry Updates
  • FAQ Updates
  • Private Support Community
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tips and Tricks


  • Step 1 lifting cream x10
  • Step 2 neutralising cream x10
  • Step 3 moisturising cream x10
  • Browjam Wipe It x1
  • Orange wood sticksx20
  • Brow wands x 10
  • Bonding serum x1


1 DAY / 10.00 AM – 3.00 PM

TVT Brow Lamination: £400
Deposit of £100 secures your slot

Certified brow artist
(Certificate and portfolio required on request)

This will allow you to obtain insurance for you to start as a certified Browjam TVT Brow Lamination artist.

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