Freckles are *the* on-trend look right now. They give off a youthful, fresh and sun-kissed look. But what if you’re not genetically blessed with them? Don’t worry, Browjam has got you covered with our amazing new product FRECKIFIED!

Our 1 universal shade formula lasts 24 hours on the skin, can be worn on bare skin or on top of makeup.

Now that we have this out in the wild, there are some beautiful demos out there so you can see what’s possible.

First up we have the Brow Boss herself, Janine, with a full instructional (click to play):

Our on-call model Ava also sat for a quick video demo (click to play):

The beautiful @Msirsah sent us these amazing, super natural-looking freckles!

Calleigh Togher took some selfies with her cats (those eyes omg!) and showed off her freckified freckles at the same time.

Another make-up artist we absolutely adore, Rachel Crowe, wanted to show off her Browjam microbladed brows but couldn’t resist adding a few freckles as well!

And, of course, we couldn’t talk about Freckified without showing you what our Emily can do with it!

Hopefully now you can see why it sold out so fast!

Pick yours up now (delivered next week) with a free beauty blender by hitting the button below!

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