How we are changing our Beginner’s Microblading course

Over the past few months, we have been working on something special for microblading students. We are always striving to up our game with regards to training. How can we give more? How can we help more? We want to give you the best possible training and experience. It’s our name you have chosen to train with after all.

As of March, our Beginner’s Microblading course will be delivered as blended learning. This means that instead of travelling to Dundee and spending four days in the Academy, we will now be releasing half of the material online for our students to work through in their own time at their own pace and the second half will be completed in person with Janine herself.

How this will work

Four weeks before the start date you will be given access to your very own online learning portal which will contain the material from day 1 (compatible with any phones/tablets or PCs/Macs). Two weeks later, the material for day 2 will be unlocked.

You will have both PDFs and videos to review. This online material will be supplemented with quizzes as well as pad work.

You will also have support through group chats with your fellow students for six months after the course. Case studies will need to be completed during these six months in order to obtain a certificate of completion, however.

The theory is just as important as the practical but we know this extra time to practice will be the most beneficial for you prior to attending the academy.

While you could technically set aside four full days and bash through all the material, part of the reason we have moved this section of the course online is to allow the material to be completed at a slower pace, instead of a crash course approach where you cover everything including all your practical work in four days. We expect students to be spending around an hour per day going over material and doing pad work.

Our intention here is that the material will be absorbed better, and will help you get into the habit of drawing patterns. It will also be great for you to be working with your blade for a short period every day. Again this will be amazing for you to get the extra practice time in prior to attending. On that note, your kit will be delivered to you in plenty of time so you have it available for starting.

We are really excited to roll this out, and we hope you are too. We truly believe this will be the ultimate experience. If you want more information or to register for the next course, email us!

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