Weekly Review #004

Hey guys πŸ‘‹ omg can you believe it’s almost October already?! Time passes fast when you’re stuck in your house on lockdown eh! Felt like Akon at points this year, not gonna lie. But we got moving, got the salon and our Academy up and running again and its feeling like we can end the year with only positive vibes.

Our Salons

Talking about vibes, if you’ve been in the salon recently you’ll know that it’s super chill. The gals have been putting out more fire brows this past week. Here’s a selection of some of our faves from last week.





Our Academy

Almost all slots have disappeared, with only a couple of slots left on TVT and Conversion. It’s almost time to put together dates for 2021! The mad thing is, a lot of these slots will go fast as well. If you’ve missed out on a slot this year, or you are desperate to get on a course early next year the best thing to do is get yourself on the email list. You can click here to do that.

Our Products

It’s mad what you can do with a trust magic brush and some Browjam pomade. Working with a microblading client, we’ll sometimes pre-draw brows to give a good idea of what it’s going to look like. This also gives you a great look at what you can achieve at home – when we say our products are salon quality it’s because we use them in the salon!

Check out a pre-draw on a microblading client in this TikTok – and give us a follow if you haven’t already πŸ˜‰


This is how we pre Draw your brow before microblading. Give you a real idea of what it’s going to look like. #browjam #microblading #browmakeup

♬ Coffee for Your Head – Vinyll

Love, Janine xxx

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