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I have always said if I were to launch a blade it would have to be something special.

I only ever wanted to bring out a blade that I believe would make the best microblading artist in the world even better.

I’m so excited to say I have found the one.

We’re giving this blade the name Divine Because of its God-like feel when you’re using it.

The characteristics of this blade are

– 18 pin
– Slight curve
– 0.15 diameter

The above doesn’t make it seem different to whatever else there is on the market so let me sum it up.

18 pin seems huge to some microbladers but in fact, because it’s 0.15 thickness and tight perfect space between each pin it looks a lot smaller than other 18 pins.

It’s neither too big nor too small I can create long wispy strokes or short detailed ones.

Because of the slight curve, and I’m saying slight because matching it up to other curved blades, it doesn’t have as big of a belly it allows you to do bend, curve, invert, s, and spike strokes.

It is a sharp thinner blade but I don’t like to call it a nano because you can feel the biting point on the blade better. This, to me, is gold as I have really struggled to gauge depth with nanos in the past.

With good technique, good pigment and decent skin type, you will find you only ever need to do one pass with the blade rather than going in multiple times which then creating blurring and more trauma.

You will never find yourself having to change your blade again due to someone’s skin type as it glides through everything skin thickness adaption of pressure is always needed too of course.

The shape of the blade allows you to get the perfect single stroke of thin thick thin with ease resulting in the most natural-looking strokes.

This blade is compatible with our pen holders and the whole lot is designed to be disposable.

Divine blade key takeaways:

– Faster treatment times
– Amazing healed results
– Kinder to the skin
– Better depth control
– Suitable for every skin type
– Suitable for any stroke style
– Suitable for any stroke length
– Makes your work better

The bottom line: these will make your microblading better – money-back guaranteed.

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