How to start your brow career

Of all the enquiries we get to the Academy, one of the most common is about how to get started with a brow career. Some people have no beauty background whatsoever, some have related experience and some want to jump straight to a specific treatment, such as microblading. Ultimately they all have the same starting point.

Browjam’s Beginner’s Brow Grooming Course

Our beginner’s brow grooming course is designed to ensure you have the best possible start. The course is built around simulating a real client experience while giving you all the theoretical knowledge you will need to ensure what you learn can be applied to any client who may walk through your door. Just like learning your ABCs, we build up from the absolute basics and assume no prior knowledge, allowing students to understand fully why something works before diving into the practical side.

Our training academy

Our master educators are also full-time brow artists, so know intimately what is needed to perform to your best ability. This is why we start by spending time on things like pricing and revenue, professional set-up accounting for safety and sanitation, proper client consultation, skin anatomy and allergies and skin issues. These are some of the things that many people do not realise hold great importance. People see a salon and see amazing results on Instagram, but a big part of consistently producing professional work is the knowledge and understanding under the surface.

The Works – before & after, by Evan

At the core of this course, however, is a simple method to create a standard shape for your client, and teaching the art of customising that shape to suit your client’s character, style and personality. We cover all relevant hair removal techniques, including tweezing, waxing, threading and trimming as well as basic and advanced tinting.¬† You will also be taught how to deal with differences in hair growth, the correct mapping technique, aftercare and loads more.

Completing your case studies and building a client base

You may feel confident after you have worked on your model in the Academy and want to get to work immediately. Great! We strongly recommend you do. If you do not feel confident, we still strongly recommend you start working on clients asap. The course is just the start of your learning journey after all!

By diving straight into client work you are able to start submitting case studies. We need to see at least two passing examples of your work before we can give you a Certificate of Completion. We are confident our students will be able to leave the course and do good work. But when you train with Browjam, we don’t just accept “good”. It can take eight to sixteen weeks before a student submits enough work that our educators confirm is Browjam standard and can pass you.

The great thing about this process is that you get detailed feedback on all of your work for a six month period, or until you pass the course. This can help to build confidence and allow you to keep learning while you build up your client base. Although you may start with friends and family (we all do!), with the information gained from the course on professional working, customer service and how to take banging brow photos you will no doubt soon have a client list bursting at the seams.

Adding more to your service

You could head in a few different directions for your next steps from here. There’s no reason you can’t just continue offering the full Works, as well as offering waxing, tinting and threading separately, or in addition to other services you already offered such as lashes or make-up.

TVT Brow Lamination by Emily

However, upon completion of our grooming course and your case studies, you will qualify for our Henna, Brow Lamination and Microblading courses. The Henna and TVT Brow Lamination courses are masterclasses, allowing you to learn how to apply the treatment in a single day. You’ll work on a model and immediately be able to offer the treatment after the course. These are popular as they allow the brow artist to quickly expand the range of treatments on their menu. This can also dramatically change your earning potential.

The path you take is entirely up to you, but once you have completed Browjam’s Beginner’s Brow Grooming Course, the world will be your oyster

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