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We are famous for our ability to create the most transformational brows for men and woman clients. We believe that the definition of the face starts with brows. You may have heard the term brow mapping getting thrown about and not fully understand what it means. Brow mapping is creating a brow that can perfectly frame the face of men and woman to really enhance the face and bring the features back to life. Read below about our famous treatments.

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The Works

  • Consultation is where your appointment starts. It gives us an opportunity to find out a little bit about you, brow likes and dislikes. As we’re chatting to you we’re really assessing your face and how it moves through expression.
  • Design methods are carried out using scientific brow measuring methods that create the perfect length and position of the brow. This measuring method gives us the ideal structure and symmetry to the face.
  • Advanced tinting is done to enhance the brow hairs, which in return gives us more brow hairs to work with when trying to create the ideal shape. Brow tinting on men isn’t always required.
  • Crafting the shape by getting rid of excess hair using brow hair removal techniques such as wax and thread.
  • Customise the brow to the ideal shape for you with precision tweezing and trimming.
  • Brow styling is then carried out using our here is where we take your brows to whole new level and teach you how you can maintain the finishing results at home.
  • Aftercare advice is given to you to help you get longer lasting results for you brows.

The full works treatment is a 30 minute appointment from start to finish.

You can expect to return for the full works treatment every 4 to 6 weeks however some people may need a maintenance treatment in between the 4 to 6 weeks due to faster hair growth needing removed.


Brow rehab is where client’s brows go to recover from over plucking, bad waxing and bad brow service. In brow rehab we encourage and support you in a grow in programme and recommend to you the best grow in products and you let only us maintain your eyebrows.

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