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Why have we created this course?

My life’s work has gone into bringing this action-packed Masterclass to you.

I have left absolutely no stone unturned in this amazing step-by-step course so you can take your microblading game to a level you never thought was imaginable.

I wanted to share this with you and the microblading world so I can “Inspire Greatness through the Power of Brows!” for yourself and your beautiful clients.

Creating brows with life and movement for clients is an obsession I have in my craft as a microblading artist.

The inspiration for this technique came from being a big fan of top make-up artist Nikki Make-up and the beautiful and natural brow looks she creates when doing make-up on models.

It’s such a “less is more” approach to the brow but with stunning and astounding results.

Translating what I saw in this style of brows to microblading was difficult and has taken me a long time… I literally had to unlearn a lot of what I had been taught.

I can now say that it is truly mastered and this online masterclass is well and truly going take everyone’s microblading game to a whole new level.

how it works

Giving the brows movement allows the client to have a super natural, textured and fluffy look that’s wearable every day with or without makeup.

The movement technique works with how the existing brow hair sways and falls, and adding strokes to that to create more volume, thickness, texture and density.

Because of the “less is more” approach and advanced techniques we show you, the client will also experience optimal healed results that don’t blur over time.

What will you learn?

  • The benefits of this style and who it’s for and not for.
  • We will teach you stroke patterns that don’t look like stroke patterns enabling you to create the most natural brows with lots of movement
  • How to get optimum super crisp strokes that heal the dream
  • Intuitive brow mapping and equipment used
  • Proper handling of the blade, perfect angle and stretch
  • Proper body position whilst working on your client – That’s something that gets overlooked but is vital when it comes to getting great results

What will you learn? (cont.)

  • Bulletproof aftercare
  • Skin theory and skin depth and how to adjust your technique, pressure and be able to read the skin
  • We will give you insight into what blades and pigments needed to perform your best and how to properly use them
  • How to nail your brow consultations so you truly are able to connect with your client, get to know them this way you will be able to get them great results and give real expectations
  • We will show how you can achieve the perfect depth and retention after just one pass this will fasten up your treatment time and is less traumatic on the skin
  • A bonus demonstration of soft shading added to give another layer of dimension

What to expect?

  • You will feel more confident in the microblading skill itself as we go over things that might have been overlooked in your previous training
  • You will have gained the knowledge and skill that will allow you to attract new, fresh and cool clients because of the new style you can do
  • Your microblading will feel less like a technique and more like an art
  • You will feel inspired and excited
  • Buzzing to get creating your very own “Brows with Movement”

Who is this course for?

  • Microblading artists from newly qualified right up to advanced level looking to take the game to a whole new level
  • PMU hair stroke artists looking to switch up & improve their stroke/pattern styles
  • This is NOT a conversion from machine to microblading course

What you will get

This amazing course is fully prerecorded and in great detail with step by step modules to take your skills to a whole new level.

  • Lifetime access to the learning porthole in our Academy App which gives you the amazing opportunity to go at your own pace and be able to go back over time and again
  • A bonus demo of machine soft shading for the ultimate combination brows
  • Discount codes for:
    • BrowJam products
    • Cosmedic supplies machines & products
    • Tina Davies Colour course and products
  • Students Live Zoom Q&A with me
  • Invitation to BrowJam live event
  • Opportunity to win Best Artist and/or Most Improved Artist
  • Certificate for course


Course – Only £599

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