Boys brows


On the back of running our very successful two-day Beginners Brow Grooming and Brow Design course for woman and seeing our students become highly successful artists earning great money and taking their skills all over the world as a trade, we had the idea for Browjam Boys, men's eyebrow grooming and brow design.

We have a massive male clientele as men getting their eyebrows clipped at the barbers has become a thing of the past. The millennial men are very much into their appearance and now understand that the right brow shape can completely rebalance the face, making them look fresher, younger, more sexual, more masculine or even less angry.

Why was it created? It was created to make men look and feel good by beginning with their brows and to create a lot of job opportunities, exciting, creative and social career changes for men. Who is the course for? It’s for men or woman who are excited by the art of brows and want to embark in men's eyebrow grooming and brow artistry

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This Beginner course will give you the basic knowledge and experience required to jump-start your career as a Male Brow Grooming Artist. Students will learn insights from Browjam’s signature techniques such as “The Works” to achieve the perfect brow design for male clients.

Beginner students will go through extensive theory, practical practice throughout the course. From real-world experiences to booking an appointment to performing a procedure on a live model. Students will simulate an entire clients experience. Students will receive personal attention and feedback from Master educators Janine and Robyn throughout the entire appointment process. Students will receive a certificate upon completion.

Perfecting the beginners class will prepare yourself to create quality work and a solid foundation for your career. Learning the basics of brow design and grooming for males is similar to learning your ABC’s. You must fully understand the sounds and syllables before being able to create words and sentences. Without following the basics and guidelines it will be impossible to create work that is up to industry standards.

Over the 2 intense days we will cover

  • Pre-care requirements
  • Skin anatomy
  • Allergies & diseases
  • Custom colouring and toning of the male brows and beard
  • Advanced tinting
  • Pricing , revenues and treatment times
  • Male brow hair growth
  • Product knowledge
  • Proper work set up
  • Take home practical work
  • Hair removal techniques threading, waxing, trimming, tweezers
  • Compiling client consultation/consent forms
  • Set-up/safety/sanitation
  • Identifying common irritations/infections
  • Live demos
  • Hands on practical
  • Male brow shaping on various face shapes
  • How to deliver quality customer service
  • Correct brow mapping
  • Symmetry perfecting
  • Correct hand position for waxing
  • How to prevent grazing from waxing
  • Patch testing
  • Precision line waxing
  • How to identify an individuals hair growth
  • Stretching of skin
  • Identifying common irritations/infections
  • How to capture quality brow photos
  • Aftercare and much more…

Customising your Technique

Browjam academy has created elements that resemble real-life experiences and expectations for this men's eyebrow grooming course.
Every person is unique, therefore their brows should be unique. We teach you a very simple method in creating the standard shape for the client and from there we then teach you the art of customising that standard shape into the ideal shape to suit the client's character, style and personality.
At Browjam Academy we have created this men's eyebrow grooming course to give the most up to date methods of brow design and grooming. 


At £15/£25 per client (tips not included)

treatments a day / 5 days a week
income up to £26,000

Men's eyebrow grooming Course

  • In-Depth Manual
  • Interactive Activities
  • Learning Exercises
  • Live Model Practice
  • Certificate (Upon Graduation)
  • Extended Education
  • Product Exclusives
  • Industry Updates
  • FAQ updates
  • Private Support Community
  • frequent live streams with instructor
  • Video access to Demos & How To’s
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Product Finds

Kit includes

  • Wax heater
  • Wax pot
  • Waxing strips
  • Thread
  • Tweezers
  • Flat head brush
  • Waxing sticks
  • Brow Scissors
  • Brow shampoo
  • Soothe it oil
  • cooling lotion
  • Henna capsules
  • Henna remover
  • Brow wands
  • In depth manual
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